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Halina's Doll Fashions of Chicago

Skipper (and Friends) Fashions Overview: Prototypes, Sample Fashions, Variations, ... 1963 - 1979

Best Buy-, Get-Ups 'n Go-, Growing Up Fashions, Fashion Originals Europe, ... 1976 - 1978

Fashion Originals, Fashion Collectibles, 1979

Skipper's Friends (Ficky, Skooter, Fluff, Tiff) Fashions

Skipper and Barbie Family: Matching and Coordinating Fashions

Skipper Dolls - Head- and Body markings, Head Molds, Arm- and Leg Molds - Identification Help (List of Skipper Dolls from 1964 (1963) - 1988)

Skipper and Friends Vintage and Mod Gift Sets

Skipper Reproductions/Repros

Skipper Clones and Competitors