Fashion Originals, Fashion Collectibles, 1979

For detailed information and pictures, please scroll down. You will find the following Skipper fashions, including some htf or even rare variations:Skipper Fashion Collectibles #2803 + variation, Skipper Fashion Collectibles #2804, Skipper Fashion Collectibles #2805, Skipper Fashion Collectibles #2806 + variation, Skipper Fashion Collectibles #2807, Skipper Fashion Collectibles #2808, Skipper Fashion Favorites #2809 City Shopping, Skipper Fashion Favorites #2810 Gauzeway to Fashion + variation, Skipper Fashion Favorites #2811 Short Subject, Fashion Favorites #2812 Winter Warmth

Fashion Collectibles #2803 (1979) – htf -


* Pink tricot dress with overlay skirt – 3 variations**

* Nylon shawl with pattern – 3 variations**

* No shoes


** one matches Fashion Originals #9931

Fashion Collectibles #2804 (1979)       – rare -


* Long red skirt with floral print and

  blue hearts

* Red tricot bodysuit with spaghetti


* Yellow tricot hip wrap 

* Small blue velveteen shoulder bag

  with blue strap (rare)

* No shoes

Fashion Collectibles #2805 (1979) – vhtf -


* Yellow cotton slacks

* Yellow, orange and white striped tricot top, sleeveless

* Yellow cotton cap with white vinyl bill

* White, hard tennis shoes

Fashion Collectibles #2806 (1979) – htf -


* Turquoise cotton sundress with

   yellow stripes with floral

   pattern, orange spaghetti

   straps** (rare variation 

   pictured below to the left)

* Sheer yellow nylon scarf with

   turquoise flower (rare) (not


* No shoes


**  The dress also came in a htf

     variation made of blue crepe

     fabric (picture #3)

Fashion Collectibles #2807 (1979) – vhtf -


* Cranberry skirt, middle length

* Matching cranberry sleeveless top

* Pink tricot sleeveless top

* Small white waist-bag with white cord (rare)

* No shoes

Fashion Collectibles #2808 (1979) – vhtf -


* Translucent white nylon camisole with pink

* Matching slip

* Matching strapless bra (rare)

* Matching panties (rare)

* No shoes

Fashion Favorites #2809 (1979) 

City Shopping – rare -


* Long orange brushed nylon dress with

   blue stripes and floral pattern

* Dark blue long sleeved blouse with

   floral pattern

*  Blue tricot tights

* Orange brushed nylon tam 

* Orange platform sandals (almost

   impossible to dress and very rare!)

Fashion Favorites #2810 (1979)

Gauzeway to Fashion – vhtf -


* Long white cotton skirt with 

  floral print (two variations -

  regular version pictured to

  the left)

* Long-sleeved hot pink nylon

   blouse with pink cord (rare

   variation with white


* White sheer nylon slip with

   pattern (two variations)

* Small yellow waist bag with

   yellow cord (rare)

* White nylon “straw” hat

   with pink ribbon and

   yellow flower (rare)


* White platform sandals

  (very rare) 





 NRFB picture below: Courtesy of M. Strasser

Fashion Favorites #2811 (1979)

Short Subject - rare -


* Yellow and white tricot jacket

* Yellow and white tricot shorts

* Sleeveless yellow, red, blue,

   white and green striped tricot

   top (two styles pictured below)

* White tricot cap with blue vinyl


* White tricot knee high socks with

   a red and a blue stripe (very


* Red whistle with a white cord

   (very rare/two cord variations

   - pictured below)

* Green and yellow jump rope

   with black vinyl handles (very


* White, hard, unmarked tennis


Fashion Favorites #2812 (1979)

Winter Warmth – rare -


* Red elastic corduroy


* Long-sleeved tricot shirt

   with multicolored 

   zigzag print

* Sleeveless brown vest

   with faux fur**

* White faux fur hat (very


* Blue cotton bag with

   brown suede accents 

   and brown suede strap

* Orange hard, unmarked

   tennis shoes

**  Some Skipper fashions have been found with a Francie tag. One of the vests pictured below has a Barbie tag.