Skipper and Family: Matching and Coordinating Fashions

Mix of matching styles, fabrics and colors: Tutti ‘s  European  fashion “Hosenanzug” (“pant suit” – rare variation) #7982, 1974 and Skipper’s #3295 Turn Abouts, 1972

When Skipper was introduced to the market in 1964, Mattel offered a wardrobe for her which mostly matched Barbie's fashions. It soon turned out Skipper was a success, and buyers didn't necessarily look for matching outfits to buy. Skipper got her own wardrobe and accessories, which represented the outfits worn by girls her age during the 60s. This is why there aren't many matching outfits between 1967 and 1970.


In the 70s, many matching and coordinating fashions for all the Barbie family members and friends were available again.


Some of the fabrics were used again after several years, like the fabric from Ricky’s original shirt (1965), which re-appeared in 1972 (Ken: “Wide Awake Stripes” #3377, 1972) and in 1978 (Barbie’s Best Buy #1361). Some of the fabrics used for 60s and 70s Skipper outfits can be found in the European 70s fashion line for Tutti, Chris and Todd.


There are also many original swimsuit fabrics that match or original dresses. One example is pictured on this page. However, the focus of this book is on matching and coordinating fashions exclusive of original clothing. 




V  = variation

OSS = original swimsuit

OD = original dress

BB = Best Buy


Left: European 70s Matches: Funtime Skipper #7193 OSS and Standard Barbie #8587 OSS (yellow variation)

Right: Barbie Best Buy #1361, 1978/Ricky’s original outfit, 1965/Ken “Wide Awake Stripes”  #3377, 1972

Below: Barbie #1190 original swimsuit, Living Skipper original swimsuit