SL Skipper Gift Sets

“Barbie’s Wedding Party Gift Set” #1017 from 1964 contained a brunette, blonde or redhead SL Skipper dressed in "Flower Girl". 


Also included were a Barbie doll dressed in #0947 "Bride's Dream", a Midge doll wearing #0987 "Orange Blossom" and a painted hair Ken dressed in #0787 "Tuxedo". A small yellow satin pillow and a golden wedding ring, which was attached to it, were some of the accessories. Two bouquets and Barbie's garter were sewn to the card, and Barbie & Ken's "White Fashion Booklet" was enclosed. This set is very hard to find.


There were three more gift sets with a SL Skipper doll: The 1965/1966: #1021 "Skipper Party Time Gift Set", the "Skipper and Skooter on the Beach” case from around 1964 - 1966 (which also included a Skooter doll) and #2001 “Skipper and Skooter Polka Dot Case” from 1967. The "Skipper on Wheels" gift set #1032 from 1965 didn’t contain a doll and could also be used for the BL Skipper.

1965/1966: #1021 "Skipper Party Time Gift Set"


This htf gift set included a  tan Straight Leg Skipper (available in all hair colors) with the markings: Skipper © 1963 Mattel, Inc. dressed in her red and white swimsuit, headband and flats.


The set also contained the fashions "Silk 'n Fancy" #1902 and "Dress Coat" #1906 which shared one pair of white shoes, one pair of white socks and one pair of white gloves. These items were sewn on a blue card.


Almost the same gift set was sold as #1039 "Skipper Holiday Party Gift Set" in 1965. It contained the same fashions, but the box was a little larger and had other artwork printed on it. This set included a Bendable Leg Skipper and her original box inlet and is hard to find (please see chapter “BL Skipper gift sets”).

Incredibly rare and beautiful: Brunette tan Straight Legs Skipper in her original packaging and cello. This doll came with the Party Time Gift Set. As you can see, she's an exceptionally pretty doll with great "high colour" make-up. 


This is a very rare find because you usually don't find this set NRFB.


Set, NRFB: 500 + US $

Doll, NRFB: 450 + US $

Outfit on card, NRFB: 100 + US $

1965: #1032 "Skipper on Wheels Gift Set”

This set didn’t come with a Skipper doll. It included items from the fashion sets "Day at the Fair" #1911 (red skirt and bodysuit with Barbie print) as well as of "Fun Time" #1920 (blue jacket, pants and sleeveless top with embroidery). 

The other items enclosed were red sunglasses (same like in #1917 "Land And Sea"), red roller skates (which also came with the 1965 - 1967 "Just For Fun Pak"), a red yoyo (same like in #1915 "Outdoor Casuals"), a pair of blue flats and a pair of red flats. A red and yellow skateboard and a red scooter with yellow "Skipper" print as well as a red hat were also included and were exclusive to this set. The gift set is hard to find.

A NRFB (never removed from box) set, box in medium condition, sold for 355 US $ in spring 2019.

Photo below: Four dolls presenting the contents of the gift set (the original swimsuit wasn’t enclosed)

Around 1966: #1952 “Skipper and Skooter on the Beach” Double Case Gift Set


Extremely rare gift sets were sold in cases around 1966 (manufacturing date: 1965). 


The cases either came in blue or yellow and showed Skipper and Skooter running on a beach. 

'Dolls In Case With Costumes, Standard Plastic Products, Inc., So. Plainfield, New Jersey. SPP - A Mattel Subsidiary’ was written on the covering box.  The stock number printed on it was #1952. The set contained a Straight Leg Skipper and a SL Skooter dressed in their original swimsuits and accessories and two outfits ("Beachy Peachy" #1938 and "All Prettied Up" #1949). The drawers had the inscription “Accessories”. This gift set could not be found in any catalog or booklet. 

A very similar gift set was found in a yellow double case with portraits of SL Skipper and SL Skooter (“Sears‘ own Skipper and Skooter Gift Set”). Interestingly, it contained a bendable legs Skipper and a straight legs Skooter doll.. This gift set was mentioned in a Sears Catalog (please see chapter “BL Skipper gift sets”). 

1967: #2001

“Skipper and Skooter Polka Dot Case”


This colorful polka-dot case was sold in 1967 and contained a pink skin SL Skipper with her OSS, original headband, red flats and some hangers (most likely orange hangers without Skipper writing). 


It came either in rose or pink, was made by SPP and showed portraits of a blonde Skipper and a brunette Skooter. It had a clear window, so you could see the doll. Most likely, a booklet and stand as well as the usual accessories were also included. The same gift set was also available with a Skooter (#2002) (pls. see chapter "Skooter gift sets").